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Why is my car so smart - and my house so dumb?

“Telsa is more Apple than Ford” is the recent headline announcing a National Post article written by Scott Deveau. The “electric car” brain child of billionaire entrepreneur and innovator Elon Musk, Tesla vehicles boast technology features such as a 17” center infotainment touchscreen and “auto-pilot” functions progressively enabled over time with software updates. Most times vehicle repairs are  completed “wirelessly” via an update downloaded directly to the car overnight. Often described as a “car and a half”, Tesla doesn’t want people to feel like they are being sold a car. They want them to feel like they are there to learn.

Reality is, even the base model of most vehicles these days delivers cool technology including hands free calls and streaming music via voice activated controls. What the industry is creating are not modes of transport but technological innovations.

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Electronic Trends for 2014

At this year’s consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, we saw five dominant technology trends for 2014:  iHealth, Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Robotics and 4k video resolution. 

Here are some of the highlights!! 

iHealth:  More wearable devices, even intelligent fabrics are starting to show up.   Watches are being redesigned and are now mobile enabled providing both design and functionality at the flick of a wrist. Syncing watches that track activity & sleep patterns with wireless scales that track weight, body fat, bone density, & daily calorie intake, will provide us a holistic view of our daily health.

Connected Spaces | Electronic Trends for 2014 Post | Vancouver Home Technology Specialists

Internet of Things:  this is really powerful and will have a profound impact on our world. Devices will talk with each other in the cloud.   Alarm clocks will be connected to weather and road reports and will automatically update based on your daily schedule.   Most facets of our lives will begin to integrate with these technologies including environmental controls, power consumption, health & entertainment.  One of the coolest examples of this is the Audi Smart Parking car that finds its parking spot for you.

Connected Spaces | Electronic Trends for 2014 | Vancouver Home Automation Specialists

3D Printing:  The introduction of eatable components is the latest trend.  3D printers will be in most homes and a resource for fabricating fix-it items, kids toys and innovative foods. This is a fast growing industry.

Connected Spaces | Electronic Trends for 2014 | Vancouver Home Technology Specialists

Robotics: Likely the most surprising element.  These are now on the market, including learning robots, window and floor cleaners, etc.  Part of the ‘internet of things’ ecosystem will involve robots that take their orders from the cloud likely incorporating sensors that deploy the robot.   We saw full life, articulate robots, addressing the crowd, responding brilliantly to impromptu comments or actions from the crowd.

Connected Spaces | Electronic Trends for 2014 | Expert Vancouver Home Integration

4K: The beginnings of 3D without glasses is starting.   The resolutions are stunning. Some of the displays are curved and it won’t be long before we unroll our display or perhaps paint them on.

Connected Spaces | Electronic Trends for 2014 | Expert Vancouver Home Automation