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Customer Care Plans

Remote Access

Saving you Time

Tech Link: Are you frustrated with downtime of your internet connection? Do you wish problems with your router, the core of the network could be diagnosed without a technician coming to site? Tech link provides a basic, secure way for us to help you from our office.  $8/mo.

Family Link: Provides a secure way for the family to access all their home network devices on mobile devices and laptops while abroad.  If you travel a lot, this is the right plan for you. (Includes Tech Link) $15/mo.

Internet Health: We will help manage your internet service by tracking speed and monitoring for common connection issues. This plan gives us the ability to access your modem allowing us to "catch" quality of service problems originating with your service provider. We can monitor upload/download speeds and connect directly on your behalf,  easing your exposure to long hold times and the inconvenience of scheduling. (Includes Family Link) $25/mo.

Household IT: With the addition of our remote monitoring solution, we will manage your home network by monitoring each devices' health and extending Tech Link access throughout.  (Includes Internet Health) $65/mo.

Proactive Services

Giving you peace of mind

Priority Internet :  Can't afford any down time for your home internet? When your connection fails during business hours we will know about it before you do, working immediately with your service provider to minimize your downtime.  (Includes Internet Health) $50/mo. 

Priority Household: Extends priority to all the hardwired network devices in your home.  Lets us start fixing it BEFORE your weekend party or movie night! (Includes all services above) $100/mo. 

Premium Care: Extends Priority Household response to 24/7/365.  Now YOU can reach US whenever you need for phone troubleshooting and emergency service calls.  (Includes all services above) $150/mo.

Platinum Care: Our ability to be proactive increases when we have been authorized to act on your behalf. All standard maintenance labour is included in this plan and hardware is 10% off. Green-Light us to do everything we can to help you 24/7.  (Includes all services above)  $200/mo.


Maximum care

Fast Internet (Dual Wan): Let us be your Internet provider and your service won't go down.  Backed by 24/7 proactive response, your connection is our top priority!  (Includes Priority Internet) $150-$300/mo.

Big Service:  (Platinum Care with Dual Internet) Bundle our Internet offerings with Platinum Care and pull out every stop.  Just watch what we can do!

PLEASE NOTE: Monthly plan costs do not include the cost of any hardware that may be required for us to provide the services requested.

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